Have you ever found yourself starting something new and during a brief moment of feeling slightly overwhelmed you stop and ask yourself...


"Where do I begin?"


We've all been there.

And I hate to say it, but it's quite likely that we will all be asking ourselves that exact same question again.


So how do we get that momentum going...

Where do we begin when we feel stuck in a rut?


We are all driven by underlying habits and at points during our daily lives, it can seem as if we are running on auto-pilot.

Once a pattern is created in the mind, it becomes a habit and that momentum is hard to stop. Once a habit is created, it requires extra mental strength to break it.

Understanding is often times the key to successful change.

By creating positive habits in our lives, we are actually setting ourselves up for success.


7 Habits For Daily Success

1) Exercise- If you start working out 3-5 times per week, you are going to get in shape, feel better, have more energy and have bettter focus.

2) Reading- If you read at least 10 pages of a book everyday, you are going to become addicted to learning new things and you are going to become a better problem solver. 

3) Gratitude- If you incorporate gratitude into your daily routine, you will become more grateful for what you have and in return will start to receive more of what you desire. This is going to help you become a happier person inside and out and you will start attracting more people with this same type of energy.

4) Eating Healthy Food- If you get rid of all the junk food and start eating healthy everyday... you are going to become healthy, you are going to have more energy and you are going to fell better.

5) Getting Started- Whenever you feel like you've hit a road block and don't know where to start, just start. If you do this repeatedly, anything you want to be and do, you will be and do.

6) Creativity- I often hear people say that they aren't creative enough. Think out side of the box repeatedly and you will become more creative, confident, and fearless.

7) Listen- By talking less and listening more, we will not only improve our relationships with those around us, but we will also learn a thing or two along the way. Success leaves clues. Listen, follow, model, and be coachable.


Did I miss anything?

Leave me a comment and let me know.


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The idea of getting paid while traveling was always a dream of mine, but one of those dreams that sounds too good to be true.

I will never forget the day, just a few short months after I had married my husband, when he told me that we were soon going to travel the world and move to Costa Rica.

I thought, "Ya right"...

Move to Costa Rica and travel the world... It all sounded like a dream. It sounded magical and like something that you read about and hear about but that only happens to people who are lucky.

So I told my friends, and they too had the same reaction. "Cool...you should go for it", was the typical responce I got.

But Adam kept on telling me we were going to do it. He kept on telling me that we would travel the world...

Then one day I came home from work and Adam told me that he was going to Thailand. He had been selected to be in a reality show which would show case the lives of entrepreneurs who were choosing to live life on their own terms. 

The guys hosting the show were all young, traveling the world, and getting paid while doing it.

"Ok", I thought, "I have to go. I have to know that this is real. I have to meet these people who are really doing it...getting paid to be a vegabond."

I think I really just needed to see that other people were doing it in order for me to believe that we could do it too. I needed to meet people who were like me and who had the same dreams as me before I felt like I could start to live that dream...my dream...

So, we packed our bags and headed to Thailand and the entire experience was nothing short of magical...

I rode elephants through the jungle...


I rode on a catamaran in the sea...

But most importantly, I met other people who were doing it...

I met other people who were traveling the world... I met Vegabonds who were getting paid!

Right there and then, I knew that life would soon be different. I knew that life was different. I knew that I too would be traveling the world, moving to Costa Rica, and living a life that I had always dreamed of!

As soon as I got home I soon realized that there were so many people just like me, people who were sick of the daily grind, people who were sick of living paycheck to paycheck, and people who wanted to live life on their own terms so they could do what they loved.

In Thailand, I met Tanner and Lindy. They are a young couple from Canada who shortly after leaving Thailand moved to Bali.

Tanner worked in Real Estate and Lindy worked for an oil company. Not only did they move to Bali, but just recently they spent the entire winter snowboarding in Big White Canada, doing what they love.


Then I came across Sandy Leveque. Sandy is a former Huffington Post blogger and Women's Rights Activist who was physically getting sick from all the stress that her profession was causing her.

So, she sought out other ways to earn an income so she could do what she had always wanted to do... travel.

Sandy has now been traveling throughout Europe for about a year, living in Southern France and she now just recently moved to a small city in Portugal.



Then there are The World Wide Webbs.  I met Ashley and Jamie Webb when Adam and I moved to Costa Rica. Ashley had previously worked in real estate and Jamie stayed at home and home schooled their three children.

There I was, up on the mountain in the middle of the jungle and I got a friend request on Facebook from Jamie Webb.  She and her family were also traveling the world and had just moved to Costa Rica.  

She and Ashley wanted to connect with Adam and I and they moved up on the same mountain where we were staying for a few months with their amazing family.

And last but certainly not least, there are Rhonda and Brian Swan. I met Rhonda and Brian just this past May in New Orleans.

Rhonda and Brian are a couple who were very successful with their corporate America jobs but weren't feeling successful with the direction of their life.

They wanted to have kids but never wanted to put a child into daycare so they sought out other ways to earn an income so they too could travel the world and have been since 2008.

These two have been traveling now for 68 months with their daughter who has never had to go to a single day of daycare; all while getting paid.


So what's the point? Why am I telling you all of this, and why should you care?

Well, I'm sharing these stories to let you know that it's possbile and that it's real.

I'm sharing these stories to give you examples of real people with real struggles who made the dream come true.

I'm sharing these stories because I too was just like you...

Wanting this dream to happen, wishing this dream would happen, but not really believing that it could happen...

But guess what, it did happen and it is continuing to happen.

This year alone, Adam and I have lived in Costa Rica, Sunny Florida, Holland, and we are currently living in Belgium.


So how have we all done it?

Simple, we've leveraged the use of the internet.  We learned a new skill set and have been helping hundreds along the way.

We all got started with this simple system and have used it to share our passion with people just like you and just like me who have a dream but just don't know how to get there.  

And here's the best part, you too can get started with this same system, the same system that has allowed all of us to be vegabonds while getting paid.

And it all starts right here. With this simple blog. By sharing your message, your vision, and your passion with the world through the use of a blog.

It really is that simple.

So what are you waiting for? 

It's up to you to make your dreams come true...

It's up to you to make the decision that now is your time to start living your dreams...

And you owe it yourself to NEVER GIVE UP ON YOUR DREAMS!



P.S. This blog has enabled to quit my job so I can travel the world. Click here to get started with the same blog and I will be in touch with you soon.

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"And those who were seen dancing were thought to be insane by those who couldn't hear the music" - Nietzsche


Pretty powerful stuff right?

This video was created by Jason Silva, a man who believes in the possibilities that the future has to offer the human race. He is the host of the National Geographic show, "Brain Games", where he meshes philosophical wisdom of the ages with an infectioius optimism for the future while exploring the coexistence of humans and technology 

Silva has been featured in CBS News, Forbes, Vanity Fair, The Atlantic, Ted.com and The Economist. He is an Idea DJ, a poet, and an outstanding optomist who takes philosophical concepts and packages them in a mainstream way that everyone can understand.

According to Silva, creativity is built on an existing knowledge base and what already exists. Creative people are people who are able to connect the dots in a new way.

I recently watched an Interview that Marie Forleo did with Silva and here are some of the key points that I took away from their conversation.

Ideas Having Sex

One of Silva's conecpts is that of "Ideas Having Sex". Here is how he explains it:

With the rise of the internet, we can find any idea out there and intermingle it with an idea we already have or have been working on to develop and this is Idea Sex.

You put a lot of ideas in a space, such as a coffee shop or the interent, and these ideas are allowed to intermingle and sprout...

Ideas are living things, they are organisms with characteristics that leap from space to space and fight for our attention; they have infectivity and spreading power...

Ideas are Alive

According to Silva, we've gone from a world of genes to a world of memes. There was a time when characterists were only spread through sex; pieces of our DNA. But now with communication of verbal ideas or written ideas, were are intermingling characterists in a whole new way. We've gone from a world of genes to a world of memes.

When you create a piece of content, that content not only inspires people who are directly surrounding you, but that content has the ability to inspire someone across the globe...  

The content that you have shared could change what someone was planning to read that day, which could then change the major that they were choosing for college, which could change the entire direction of their lives and the lives that they interact with along the way.

Ideas are alive and thought travels at the speed of light and it evlolves and mutates.

Pretty powerful stuff isn't it?


At the end of the end of the interview, Forleo introduced a challenge that I am going to introduce to you. It was inspired by the video I shared with you and by this quote:

"Life should be lived to the point of tears" - Albert Camus

The whole idea here is that you should live by your passion and live to your truth until your moved to tears...

So I want to know...

- What do you love so much that moves you to tears?

Leave me a comment below and let me know. I am excited to hear what moves your heart and what you are most inspired by.

~ Kristin


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So today was my last day in the city of Utrecht in the Netherlands! 

It really is amazing how quickly time passes by. Today, as I was packing up to head to my new home in Brussels, I was reflecting on my travels this year and where I've all been. And while I was reflecting, something amazing happened to me...

During the midst of this packing, I couldn't help but think of my late Mother-in-Law and I wondered what she would think about all the traveling that Adam and I have been doing. Would she be proud of us, worried about us, or maybe as most mothers tend to be, a little combination of both.

While I was thinking about her, I was also thinking about how I would be traveling alone, as Adam was in The States for a week. This was the first time that I would be traveling alone since we had set out on our world adventure.

And then something amazing happened! It was as if the universe itself was sending me a message...

Tangled around the pants that I had just worn the previous day was a necklace that I had inherited from Adam's mother, Kathy. It was a necklace that he had given her and that she wore everyday. 

The funny thing is that I hadn't worn this necklace since I had been in Europe and here it was, right in front of me while I was packing and wishing I wasn't alone. I have worn this necklace many times and I usually where it to occassions that I wish Kathy was there to attend with us.

It was as if the universe was signalling to me that I wasn't alone and that I could bring Kathy along with me today.

As you can see from the photos below, the necklace is an envelope shaped locket...

On the inside is a little letter that says, "With all my love and care"





So, I guess the message here is that no matter what you are going through in life, no matter where you are, or how alone you feel...


Have a great day and stay tuned for future videos from my adventures around the world!

- Kristin

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A mentor of mine recently recommeneded that I read the book "The Slight Edge" by Jeff Olson.

What I absolutely love about this book is that it's not just another Self Help or Personal Development book.

It's all about a new way of thinking which will enable you to make simple daily choices that will lead to success and happiness.


 Sounds pretty simple    right...

 Well it really is.

 This book is all about  showing you how to create powerful results in life from simply taking consistent daily actions towards your goals.

So what makes this book different? What makes this book so special?

The simple idea that your philosophy creates your attitude, actions and results which in turn create your life.  

The way we choose to look at the world, the way we perceive our circumstances, and the way we choose to act on them is what creates our reality.

This whole concept really struck me because when it comes to my life and my business, it's all about the simple actions that I take on a daily basis.


I earn an income online. I have a mobile business that I take with me everywhere as I am currently traveling the world.

The success that I have in my business is a direct reflection of the simple actions that I take on a daily basis.

What I do is not hard; really anyone can do this. But what many people fail to do is stick with it. People fail to be consistent.  

The secret to having success and to gaining independence and freedom in life is simply discipline repeated over time.

It's just like when someone is trying to lose weight. You can't just go to a gym once a week and eat healthy a few meals here and there. You have to be consistent. You have to show up everyday to lose weight.

The same concept applies to any area in life where you are looking to achieve a certain level of success.

Your daily decions are the ultimiate key to YOUR success!


So I challenge you to commit to taking consistent daily action towards reaching your goals so you too can live your dream lifestyle.

And I would love to help!

Leave me a comment below and let me know what your goals are and what your dreams are...

Better yet, send me a friend request on Facebook so I can help you develop your 90 Day Action Plan towards achieving your goals!

Comment Below!



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